Sponsor a Child‘s School fees

Children’s school fees

$375 sponsors one child for one year of school. This provides a backpack and school uniform for the child.

Sponsoring 4 students. 1 student’s school fees not yet paid.

3 more students waiting for sponsors

$1,260 provides childcare and preschool for one child for one year.

Sponsor a University Student

University Student Fees

$3700 will sponsor a woman to go to university for one year.

Sponsor a Beauty School Student

Beauty School Student Fees

$1480 will sponsor a woman through hair salon school including the tools needed that she can then use later for her own business.

Protecting the privacy of these students is of high importance to us which is why we do not show any photos. If you would like to have more info on the students that we are sponsoring please feel free to email us.