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Bringing awareness and education

If we want to see an end to the sexual exploitation of women and children we must attack it on all fronts. One of those ways is through prevention. Children are the most vulnerable when it comes to this issue. Children around the world are being sold into sex slavery. Children are being raised in communities where sexual exploitation is the norm. Many different factors play into issue of trafficking, but it is shown that education and awareness help to prevent the trafficking of children and bring change within communities.


Our kids club is the first step in prevention. Each week our staff go into the community and to love on these children. These kids need to know that they are loved and that someone cares. We provide after-school tutoring for them in many different subjects including English.

We train these kids to know right from wrong, good touch versus bad touch, and their value and worth. Having adults that care about them walking alongside them each week will help to prevent them from being trafficked. We want to provide a safe space for them to be open with our staff. We want our kid’s club to be a place of safety and love for the kids.

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