Bringing Hope in the Darkness

Each week we go to the streets, brothels, and clubs. We take with us little gifts of love. We talk with the women and offer to pray with them if they would like us too. Most importantly we show them their value and worth. We show them love and that they are worthy of respect.

“I had been tricked and trafficked to a brothel. I had lost all hope. One night a team came into our brothel. A woman prayed for me in the name of Jesus. She showed me love and that I was valuable. That night I had renewed hope and determination to get away. It took me a couple weeks but I was finally able to escape.That night God was watching out for me and led me to meet the right people at the right time and I was able to find help and a place of safety.”

Anonymous Survivor

The gifts consist of things such as earrings, wallets, scarves, and many other things. Each week we try to give something different. One week we gave teddy bears. The point of the gift is to show them value and worth. Inside each gift is also a contact number in which they can contact us. We try to build relationships with them and trust so that if they ever need us they will fill comfortable to contact us.

These Love Devotionals have stories of women who God has brought out of a life of sexual exploitation. It is a testimony of how they have experienced God’s love, along with scripture and a devotional to go with each story. These love devotionals have been a powerful tool for us on outreach.

Every outreach starts with worship and prayer and a desire to see God use us to help bring love, value, and worth to women and children in desperate situations. Sometimes it is just a gift, sometimes it is just a prayer and a hug, but every time we go with a purpose to make sure these women and children know that they are not forgotten. This connection on the streets, in the club or brothel opens the door for intervention and help to begin to take place.

We carry Christ into these places and His light shines brightly and darkness has to flee. Each time we enter these women and children experience the of Jesus for them.

It starts with a conversation, but it doesn’t stop there. Unstoppable Love works hard to help bring freedom both physically and spiritually to every woman and child we come in contact with. Each woman and child is worth fighting for. Unstoppable Love will not stop fighting for their freedom.