Unstoppable Love helps the women in our care reintegrate back into the community, helping them to be self-sustaining, and empowered women that can not only survive, but be influencers within the communities in which they live.

This happens in many ways:

1. Our relationship with the women never ends. Our desire is to continue to walk with them even after they have completed our program and reintegrated.

2. Reintegration happens through the goals and dreams of the women. We work to empower the women to work towards their goals and dreams. For some women it is business. For others it is simply connecting with their family again. Whatever their goals are we try to help them.

3. We help them start small businesses. We help them get setup and in a position to support themselves and family if they have so that they never feel like they must go back to their old way of living.

4. We want them to know that they are never alone.