Future Ministry Plan

The goal of the Empower One Coffee House is to provide a center of Job Training as well as work for women. We have found, as we talk with women, that their is a big need for jobs to provide income for themselves as well as their families. Their is an expectation put on them from a very young age to provide income for their families. Often due to lack of education they are not able to find work. Often in their desperation to find work they end up falling victim to trafficking situations.

Our hope is create a place of employment and job training. Offering training and employment in the coffee shop or bakery. This will also be a safe environment for them to learn. We will also help them in reaching their dreams and goals. We want to create a space where we can find out what they desire to become and offer training for them to achieve those goals. We will help them with getting their education and building the confidence they need to be successful in whatever employment they choose.

This will be a place where they will experience the love of Jesus for them and learn to know their value and worth.

What we need:

  • We need staff with business experience to join our team
  • We need baristas
  • We need finances

We are praying and trusting God with the right timing of this to happen. This is a vision that God gave us in a prayer time in 2012 and so we continue to seek him on the timing of this venture to begin. It is definitely a needed part of our ministry, but we need others to join us to see this vision from God come about.

If you would like more info or would like to see the business proposal please contact us and let us know. We would be happy to send you a copy of the business proposal and financial analysis for the project. If you feel God leading you to partner with us on this project please reach out and let us know and consider financially partnering with us to see this future ministry venture started. Thanks