Beauty One Training Center

The goal of this future Beauty School training center is to equip women with the needed skills to thrive within their communities. So many women we talk to say they hate what they are doing and would love to find some other type of work. There are often many barriers that keep these women from finding other work. The goal of this training center is help eliminate some of those barriers and help them reach their full potential.

Through the Beauty One Training Center these women will receive training in makeup, hair cutting and design. This training will help prepare them to do the testing to get certified to work in a salon or own their own salon.

Other skills and things provided throughout the length of the training.

  • Budgeting Classes
  • Counseling
  • Monthly Salary


We are happy to have formed a partnership with Shear Love International to make this possible and provide the expertise in creating a training center that provides the needed skills to thrive

Help us equip and empower women through this training center.

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